Sunday, 14 December 2014

Heat Wraps

I was out for lunch on Friday, and though lunch with a friend is a positive thing, the sitting on a wooden bench for hours is not. Usually, when I stand to leave, I am stiff and in such pain the rest of the day is shot.

Once I had tried some of those heat patches, I had the A 535 brand, but as they were expensive I saved them for “special occasions”. In the Dollar Tree store I found the same thing sold in individual packages. They are made by ASSURED, and are called Air Activated Heat Wraps.

I bought one to try and put it on about 11 am Friday, before I went to lunch. I could feel the heat as I sat on that damn wooden bench, and when I got up to go to the bathroom, (tea makes me pee) I actually could stand with little difficulty.

I was much more comfortable than I would have been without the wrap. The heat kept my back from going into spasms, or tensing up, or whatever it does to cause me such pain when I sit on a hard surface for hours. I don’t even remember if I took my usual dose of Advil before leaving the house.

I seem to remember the box of five, of the other brand, cost more than $15 but less than $20, the reason I rationed them out. At a $1.25 each, less than the cost of my tea that day, I intend on buying in a supply to get me through the winter. I’ll have to check the local dollar store to see if they have them in stock, as there is no Dollar Tree in town.

Pain relief is wonderful, especially when it means you can get out and enjoy time with friends or family. Just thought I would pass the information along. 

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