Monday, 16 January 2017

Motion Medicine

Don't we all wish there was some magic potion that would keep us hale and hearty, mobile and independent. Alas, there is no such miracle cure or fixer-upper.

My son gave me a jar of analgesic ointment called Motion Medicine. I have come to depend on its pain relieving qualities, and as a side benefit, the smell that seems to clear the sinuses.

I have a great deal of pain in my lower legs, usually at night and worse when I have been out, walking more than usual. Some of my night pain is the numbness in my feet. After sitting with my feet down, the outer part of my foot, my toes feel like  something solid and foreign, like part of me, but not. When I lie down I have to keep wiggling my toes, to stop these weird sensations. Just like I shake my hands when they go numb.

The pain in my legs runs from my knee down the outer portion of my leg, and it keeps me from settling.

That's where the Motion Medicine comes in. I rub it down the outside of my lower leg, on my left knee if it aches, and sometimes on my shoulder. There must be something magic in that stuff because I always sleep better when I've used it.

The smell is strong, and I've learned to wash my hands with soap after (even though I'd like the pain relief for my hands) because it's a mistake to put this stuff anywhere that might touch near your eyes.

So, a big thanks to my son, for the gift that keeps on giving.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

What Was I Thinking?

I went grocery shopping yesterday at 'No Frills'...a bag your own grocery store for those who are not familiar. I usually go with my daughter as, first, I hate the parking, and second, she bags my groceries and does all the heavy lifting.

I ventured out this time with my neighbor, and all went well until I was packing my groceries. I always feel such pressure to be fast, and the bags never cooperate so I end up tossing everything in with no order.

Yesterday, as I reached for the button to move the belt along, I twisted or did something to my 'bad' left knee. The pain was horrible and I needed to take the weight off of it and ended up leaning on the immediate attention getter.

I was still in pain, but able to walk home and get my groceries away in the fridge, freezer and cupboards. Then I covered my knee in this great pain relief ointment and laid down.

I'm a multi-tasker, so while I rested my knee I started a new crochet project. And here's where I went from resting to stupid.

My pattern fell between the bed and the wall. I tried to reach it and got my 'bad' left wrist wedged and had to tug to get it free. I decided to move the foot of the bed away from the wall, and managed this but still couldn't reach the pattern.

Now, I was determined, and the only solution was to move the head of the bed out from the wall. I eased the bedside table out of my way, and pulled on the bed. I felt a rip of pain immediately down my right side.

I spent an uncomfortable night, took some Tylenol, used lots of the analgesic ointment and rested under my heated blanket.

A couple of time during the night I barely made it to standing, and believe me it was a struggle to get to the bathroom. By morning I was still stiff and sore, slept in and finally forced myself to get up and moving.

A little activity goes a long way and I soon needed to rest. Now, dinner done and out of the way, I'm ready for my bed.

Downside to it all, I played with that pattern and decided I didn't like it. Should have left it behind the bed and saved myself a lot of pain and aggravation. Lesson learned.