Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Empty Spaces

My son came this morning with the new cabinet I wanted. He picked it up from the store, took it home to assemble and now has delivered it. I am so excited to have this new space to...organize.

I’ve been cleaning closets and drawers for more than a month. Some of that time has been actually sorting, some in ‘crash’ mode and some in being creative with the craft supplies I found stashed in said cupboards.

My time of cleaning is almost done. And it’s been a discovery. There were Christmas gifts I’d purchased some time ago, (not for last year, thank you, I’m not that bad). I found a beautiful sweater I forgot I owned, and I’ve found space, and delight in empty drawers.

When I moved here almost three years ago, I did a major purge. But, there were some things I just could not give up...because you just never know, right? Now, I’m being ruthless, in both the clothes and the craft supplies.

That move cost me, even though the move itself was a positive thing. My back became a serious issue; I had an MS relapse, and a serious bout of depression. I’ve found my way through, stronger mentally if not physically better. I’m painting again, and for now that’s taking precedence over the writing. I’ve used up a lot of those craft and art supplies I couldn’t live without.

And now, writing this, I’ve had my rest and its back to cleaning. Empty drawers are calling to me. I’m sure I have something I can store in them. The bonus, I can almost see the top of my table that has been my ‘catch-all’ place since the move.

Slow but sure wins the race.

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