Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Humidex Blues

Hot and humid, hot and humid, hot and humid. I am so sick of hot and humid weather.

I run my dehumidifier most days, a necessity as my place is built on a poured cement foundation, and can be damp. A neighbor said she was told to close all her windows, or she was just taking the moisture out of the hot air outside.

I tried closing everything up, and it took a complete day to get the humidity from 60% down to 48%. And it was like a sauna in here, inside temperature was 84 F. When I was outside, it felt cooler out than in, so the hell with it, I opened the windows and let the air blow, with a nice cross breeze.

I finally ventured out today, but it really took its toll, I was exhausted when I got home, positioned the fan and laid back in my recliner to watch the Blue Jay game (fell asleep and missed the end).

Now it's raining, but just a light drizzle, not enough to bring back the green of the grass.

I may have to give in and get a window air conditioner if we continue to have summers like this. I can't see how it can last much longer, and hope August will be an easier month.

Meanwhile, all this ladylike glowing I've been doing seems to make my skin nice and soft. Always look for the positive.

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