Sunday, 30 October 2016

No Frills...No Thrills

No Frills is a bag-your-own grocery store, that has great prices. Right now they are having their famous 'Dollar Days' sales.

As much as I love the produce, the sales and the selection at this store, I rarely shop there. First is because of the parking. They do have disability parking, usually full, but the lanes are small, and the place is so busy, you have to be on your toes when backing up. Pedestrians think the back up lights are meaningless.

Second, after walking about the store, when it comes time to check out, I'm usually tired and hate the stress of having to rush to bag my groceries and get out of the way of the next customer.

My 89 year old neighbor is sick and needed groceries, so I volunteered, as my cupboards were looking a little empty too. Her list had a lot of heavy items, soup and more soup. She is sick after all.

Anyways, I arrived at the store, all disability parking full, so I parked off to the side, in a No Parking, where numerous other people had parked.

I had the neighbor's list out, mine was a mental one so, of course, so I forgot a few items I needed and picked up  a few I didn't.

The nice thing about Dollar Days is that most of the sale items are located at the end of the aisles and save a lt of searching. I found the soup easily, all in one spot, and picked up the 6 of one, the 2 of another and 2 of the third. I found the cereal, hers and mine, and everything else on her list.

I was tiring, couldn't think of what else I needed and was ready to check out...and then I remembered. I needed toilet paper. I grabbed the package on sale and headed for the cashier.

I did my order first, then hers, and pulled my bags out to pack everything up. And there's something else, I hate those bags. They won't stay open so you can pack in a logical way, which is why my daughter has these great bags the are open and easy to pack.

I struggled and struggled, and had to lean on the counter as my back hurt. I lifted and packed, and lifted bags much to heavy for me until I finally got everything on the cart. By then I was totally fatigued, in pain, and overheated from the stress and struggle.

I made it to the car, again more lifting, home, more lifting, and finally had the groceries delivered to the neighbor and mine in the door.

I wish I could have left it all where it was, but...frozen I put the necessities away. Left the rest. Today, after a night of pain and feeling totally worn, I still have groceries to put away.

I grabbed the package of toilet paper, and, as I was down to the last roll, proceeded to rip the package open to put it all away,


The one item I needed, toilet paper, and what did I buy...paper towels. I'm not going back to the store, not today anyways. I figure if I run out I can borrow from the neighbor, I figure she owes me that at least.

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