Friday, 10 March 2017

On Being a Hermit

I have been accused of being a hermit, because I like to stay home and don't go out unless I have to, or it's some family thing. I like the weekly soccer games for my granddaughter, because we have a visit first, and I get driven to and from the game. It makes my life so much easier.

I get to the store when I need groceries or a prescription filled, and think next winter I may make use of delivery services offered in town.

I realized just of late, why I like being home. Okay, some of that is that being creative is a solitary process, but the other is that I feel better at home.

I use the cane when I'm out, but after a short walking distance, am in such pain that walking is a struggle. I get tired, need to sit and there isn't always a spot to sit, so I lean on counters, whatever is handy. I look ungainly, and feel awkward. I should use the walker when I'm out, but it doesn't work when you use a cart in a store.

At home I walk about without the cane, and manage quite well, because I can sit when I need to, or even lie down for a short period. I do things in steps, with rest periods. Small chores take me days, like dusting or vacuuming, even dishes, and I can accept that as I have no one to answer to but myself.

So, I guess I am a bit of a hermit, but now I understand that at home is where I feel the most like me, and not that person struggling with a chronic illness. And isn't it fortunate for me that I have plenty of things I like to do...painting, reading, writing, fill my day.

I have always been a bit of a loner, but people didn't notice as much when I lived a regular life of work and family, and now that look at that as a negative, when I think it's a positive. If I didn't have my hobbies, the pain and struggle of MS would defeat me.

It is what it is.

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