Saturday, 8 April 2017

Activity VS Fatigue

I just realized how long it's been since I posted. I have created many posts in my head, as I lay in my bed, and like so many other things I want and hope to do, they never get done.

The fatigue that is a common complaint with MS has been particularly bad for me in the past few months. The other day I swear I was up and active for only six hours of the day. I had a late nap that lasted hours and left me feeling dopey and dragging for the evening.

Today I got up with good intentions. After a look in the mirror, my hair standing out all over the place, I knew I a shower was first on my 'to do' list.

The thing is, my back was aching, and I was having trouble walking and standing. I pushed on and got in the shower, finished and stepped out and right to the toilet to sit, tired out and in pain. I toweled off, applied the cream as my skin is so dry and it was back to bed. I was played out, so tired, worn out, and it was just after nine in the morning.

An hour or so later I was up, as I needed to get something to eat so I could take my medication that has to be taken with food. As I ate I checked my E-mail, Facebook and decided to write this blog post.

My head feels fuzzy, and I need to lie down again as I feel too tired and can't hold my head up any longer. But I have opened my curtains to the sun, let my neighbors know I'm still alive in here, so that's progress.

But, I feel a nap coming on and it's not even noon. I may not sleep this time, might read or crochet, but sitting is just to tiring and the position puts pressure on my knee so increases my pain. I need to lie down, straighten out my knee, support my head and upper body.

Maybe later I'll find the energy to go out and enjoy this spring day, which will result in another nap and a recovery day tomorrow. Such is my life, but what other choice do I have? And those times I get out and see friends and family, they make the crash days all worth it.

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