Monday, 10 April 2017

Lost and Found

I lost something yesterday, something that was ridiculous for me to have lost, and yet...I couldn't find it.

I keep my pills in a seven day container. Each day of the week has four compartments, for each meal and bedtime. I fill the compartments with daily doses, to be taken whenever. The section for each day can be lifted out of the whole, and I set it by my chair as a reminder to take them. When it's empty, I put it back in its daily slot, and refill the whole thing once a week.

Yesterday, I went to take out the designated day, and there was no empty container for the previous day. I looked by my chair, on the kitchen counter, on the microwave where I keep the container, even under it in case it had been pushed aside and out of sight.

I could not find it anywhere. Strange, as where could I possibly have put it? I wondered if, when picking up, I had inadvertently dropped it in the recycling with the papers, but it wasn't on the top and I didn't feel like looking further.

I hate when something like this happens, when I can't find something that should be easily located. It is so easy for me to doubt myself when something stupid, maybe silly, like this happens.

I found it later, in the last place I would have looked.

I have a second seven day pill container, that has just one slot for each day. Those pills have to be taken early on an empty stomach, so I keep it in the drawer by my bed. I saw the container on the top of the bedside table and when I went to put it in the drawer, found my empty daily dispenser.

What was lost is found, and I'm not losing my mind, well, not entirely. A simple mistake I guess, but I feel better about knowing where things are. Mystery solved.

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