Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Noise Intolerance

I read an interesting article about noise intolerance and decided to share.

The writer makes a point made about facial expressions, one I've experienced many times...the angry face. I remember when I was working and a co-worker said I looked mad all the time. I was very surprised because that had not been my mood. But given that not long after that I went on disability, with cognitive issues, concentrating at work was a major problem and I may have been frowning a lot as I tried to cope.

I agree that when concentrating, because there is too much noise, or too many simultaneous conversations, I tend to squint, and that it may not be a friendly expression. But it gets old, constantly trying to defend yourself, because others are quick to judge.

One of my original symptoms, and what sent me to the doctor, was the loss of feeling on one side of my face and scalp. I have always felt my face was, not frozen exactly, but lacking in some affect since that time.

When people know what the problem is, they might be more understanding, and check the emotional waters, so to speak, and ask, before they just assume you're a bitch.

Read the article, see if it strikes a chord with you.

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