Sunday, 14 June 2015

Laugh at Yourself

I was in a good frame of mind yesterday, had an interesting visit from my neighbour and the sun was shining. So I decided to weed my garden.

Surprisingly enough, my back held up for all that bending and reaching, though I was glad I had the cane for support or I would have done a face plant in the dirt.

So, bright sun, bending over, light headed and fatigued I decided it was time to quit and have a rest. I walked in the door, went to put my cane in the corner, as usual, and it touched something on the floor.

Ok, small grey mound on the floor, just inside my door, mouse was my first thought. I jumped back, (remember I wear glasses, didn’t have them on and needed to just to the lesser light... an excuse for my foolishness, I know) and gave it a poke with the cane. It didn’t move.

Dead, great.

I gave it a better look and it wasn’t a mouse at all. It was a grey Walmart bag scrunched into a small wad, hard to make out against the grey/green carpet. It must have fallen from the closet, more excuses, I know.

It made me laugh, and if we can’t laugh at our own foolishness, well, that is just sad.

It was funny, my garden is done, and I took a very well deserved nap.

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