Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Crash and Crash Again

It’s funny the way things work. I was so busy last week, visits with the grandchildren, lunch out with a friend, and then Friday night was dinner at the soon-to-be daughter’s in-laws, the night before the wedding on Saturday. Busy time for me, so different than my usual days.

Saturday was a beautiful day, but a shade too hot and humid for most everyone so you can imagine how I felt. The outdoor wedding was lovely, with the slight breeze and shade of the trees. Fortunately, the hall was air conditioned so comfort prevailed. Still, a long and emotional day for me after a busy week.

I figured Sunday for a crash day, and after breakfast out with my brother and his wife, I had a three hour nap and spent the rest of the day in a mental fog.

As crashes went, that one seemed to be short and sweet. Labor Day I felt some renewed energy, some of that, with the wedding over, as I could now get back to some of the things I’d set aside. Like cleaning.

I started in the far corner of the bedroom, where I have a seven drawer stand filled with art supplies. I cleaned out, and not just sorting and purging, but washed out each drawer. With that done, and a new idea of the supplies I have on hand, I’m ready to get back to some art work, but more cleaning first. Cleaning those drawers I sort of, not as thorough though, cleaned some of the others, as it happens when you organize and store like things together.

I packed things from the curio cabinet I’m giving my granddaughter, and that got me off my planned schedule as I had wings broken off an angel statue, an ornament in 2 pieces, and a Royal Doulton in need of repair. So I moved it all to the kitchen and got out my super glue.

While I was in the kitchen I did the dishes, and cleaned out the fridge and freezer as it was timely, today is garbage day. I can’t believe I had so many outdated items in the fridge, I mean February 2013? What was I saving that sauce for?

And I wonder why I never seem to get anything accomplished? I do manage to get stuff done, it’s just with no rhyme or reason, moving from one thing to the next like some pin ball game, never finishing one task to completion. So here it is, the Tuesday after the last long weekend of summer, and for many of us, the unofficial start to fall. It’s still too hot and the humidity is dreadful. Today I feel the crash I thought I’d escaped earlier. The aches and pain are making it an Advil kind of day, my head feels like it’s wrapped in cotton balls and I’m puffy, especially my one eye.

My exuberance for fall may have to wait a few days; it seems my crash is not done with me yet.

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