Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Walking Practice

It is a sad state of affairs that I realize I have spent the summer, and spring, I suppose, in bare feet or crocs. I find walking easier in flats,when there is no heel, nothing to throw off my precarious sense of balance.

The fact that crocs are okay for my lifestyle says a lot about my life. The people in Walmart (I know you've seen the videos) don't care that I'm wearing crocs, and I wear black ones so they look more like regular shoes, or so I convince myself.

But in four days I have an event to attend, and I need to dress up. I should buy a pair of rainbow crocs, just to annoy my daughter, my perverse sense of humor showing.

Anyway, today I put on my dressy navy suede sandals, to practice walking. They have a bit of a heel, maybe 2 inches, and I haven't worn any kind of heel in...well, a long time. That much of a heel throws your balance off.

I walked out of one room and fell hard into the door frame. Good thing I don't bruise easy or I would have a big black and blue mark on my forearm. I definitely need more practice, and not just inside. I'll take a spin with the walker and do a circuit of the court, see how I do.

I tried on my new slacks, and they work with the sandals, so no tripping over too long of pant legs.

I pray there will be no incidents, no trips, no near falls, and heaven forbid, no face plant, fall to the floor.

Practice makes perfect, right?

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