Monday, 9 November 2015

Slow Moving

I have a tough time getting going in the morning, usually due to back pain. The good thing is, after a while, the old bones seem to loosen up and my movement is better, not the best, but better.

It never fails that, when my back is at its worst, I get clumsy and drop things. Why is that? Like I need to bend over and be reminded that my back hurts.

Being Monday, its garbage day and a day I usually try to get some housework done. I’ve not had a very productive start so far. After gathering the garbage and recycling in the kitchen, I set it by the door and sat in my chair for a moment’s rest before venturing out to the curb.

I did manage to vacuum a few days ago, but didn’t get to the damp mopping, or the dusting. As I look around, I need to do some pick-up first. As much as I don’t like getting the Christmas decorations out until the first of December, my place has a festive look.

Teacher gifts I’m making for the grandchildren’s teachers and presents for the family gaily wrapped in red and white paper cover all the surfaces. And then there’s the ottoman I use as a wrapping station with the paper, tape dispenser, scissors and stick-on labels.

The gifts will go to my son’s house, as that is where we’ll be having our Christmas celebration. The paper I’ll put away when the wrapping is done. Then I’ll have some of my space back.

Maybe the damp mop and dusting can wait a few more days. I have some clean up and organizing to do first, at slow speed.

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