Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Three Simple Questions

My daughter called this morning, and asked me three simple questions. The answer to these questions would determine whether or not she asked me for a favor.

“Are you up?”

“Are you dressed?”

“Are you mobile?”

Regarding the first question. It was after eleven o’clock, and I’m usually up. But, on too many days, I will admit I’m not long from my bed, or on a bad day heading back for a rest. A valid question, for sure.

As to being dressed, that’s iffy. If I’m going out, yes, I’m dressed. If I’m home for the day, I wear my ratty old T-shirt and sloppy pants. I’ve learned that’s a wise move as I have ruined far too many nice things by getting into an art project before I changing into my grubbies. As I was deep into art already this morning, I was dressed, sort of.

Then there’s the big question, regarding my mobility. I was feeling that awkward and stiff way of walking, but that’s normal for around the house as I don’t use the cane or walker indoors. Mobility these days is good or bad, depending on my level of fatigue and pain. Today the back pain is at a low level and I had a good night’s sleep, hence the early morning painting.

The favor was to pick up my granddaughter from school, keep her for an hour until her Mom could meet us for the girl’s doctor appointment. As I relish the opportunity for some one-to-one with her, I would have agreed, regardless.

It was a beautiful, sunny fall day, (at the time), and too nice to spend indoors. Lunch out sounded like a great idea.

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