Friday, 27 February 2015

Bathroom Woes

If you have ever taken a ‘water pill’ you know it can give you a sense of urgency and makes you pee frequently. I take one, Lasix specifically, almost every day. I say almost as I can’t take it on a day I’m going out because I need a bathroom close for at least six hours, and other days I just give myself a ‘drug holiday’.

One day last week I woke early, took my Lasix and went back to bed. I was having a lot of cramps and abdominal grumblings and I knew it was a stay home, stay close to the bathroom kind of day.

I had been to the bathroom twice already and was lying in bed when I heard a strange sound from the bathroom, a loud gurgling, followed by a sort of flushing sound. I had to get up to check it out and saw the toilet bowl had emptied of water, all on its own. So, of course, I flushed it to see what was going on.

As I don’t have a plunger that was not the wisest of moves, and I was lucky when the water rose close to the top it didn’t over flow. Where is that damn shut-off valve I wondered.

Great, a day that I anticipate will be spent with frequent trips to the bathroom and my toilet gets plugged. Shit! And how apropos is that. Lol

We have a property manager, but he’s not in every day during the winter and that was his day off, of course. I was determined not to call him in for this when he would be at work the next day. I used a bit of PineSol and a kettle of boiling water, twice, in an attempt to get rid of the blockage and it worked, sort of. At least I could flush the toilet.

Now it’s all fixed, a bit of effort with the auger to move things along and we’re all systems go. What a relief.

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