Tuesday, 24 February 2015

New Meds Update

I have been on the anti-depressants for almost three weeks and can’t believe how much better I feel without the daily stress of anxiety related chest pain. There is something scary about having chest pain, as it makes one think of heart attacks. It has been a relief for me to know that my pain does not have a cardiac cause.

The new pills made me very nauseated for the first week, almost to the point of throwing up. I had no appetite and that was okay, I need to lose weight and it reduced my urge for boredom and stress eating. Now into week three I have learned to take the meds with food and it seems to be better.

I feel calmer, and have been sleeping better, another plus. But most of all I feel better for the relief of the chest pain, the accompanying shortness of breath. I still have the joint pain, it’s been a constant companion for too many years and I can cope with it, good days and bad.

Other than the blogs, I’ve set the writing aside, have wanted to settle in to the new medication and so have not taxed my brain and made myself deal with memory and concentration issues. To fill my days I have crocheted up a storm.

Baby steps, at this point it is baby steps that will get me through. And any day I feel better is a bonus.

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