Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Thank Goodness for Good Neighbours

I looked out the window this morning and saw the fresh snow. All the cars parked are covered in a blanket of white, and the mounds of snow from clearing the road almost hide them entirely. I see the property manager out there with his John Deere, clearing the road, and notice my neighbour out there clearing off his car.

I better get out there and move my car, I’m thinking, and hurry to get dressed. My car hasn’t been moved in over a week though I’ve been out there, started the engine and cleared it off twice. If I leave it, with the sun shining on the windshield, there would be a melt/freeze thing going on and it would be a mess scraping off the ice when I do want to go out.

By the time I got outside my neighbour had my car cleaned off, even going so far as to take a broom to the 10 inches of accumulated snow on the roof, a big deal as I drive a van.

We had a neighbourly chat, I moved my car so the parking area could be cleared, and thanked my neighbour for the help. He’s a true gentleman, and a very spry ninety years old.

Some of us age better than others, and as I make my way with the walker, I envy him his energy and ability. 

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