Friday, 15 May 2015

Cognitive Impairment and MS

Cognitive impairment was one of the most difficult symptoms I have had to contend with since I began my MS journey. I always had an excellent memory for numbers and details, and it was hard to accept short term memory issues and problems with attention and concentration.

People often make fun of my binders, my way of keeping 'stuff' organized. When I was part of a writing group one member often joked about my book binder. When I write a book I like to keep a binder with details of all my characters, locations and story ideas.

For some reason I didn't keep this up with the book I finished a few months ago, which is why my friend, after reading the book, asked why I changed the dog's name. I knew when I was writing something was wrong, and did finally clue in to the fact I'd changed the dog's name. I guess it took me longer than I realized to become aware, and I didn't go back far enough to correct the mistake. Next time I'll use that Search and Replace function.

By the way, the dog was an old Black Lab...and his name is Max (most of the time).

Below is a link to an article that gives a very good explanation about MS and cognitive impairment.

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