Saturday, 26 December 2015

No More Salt

Boy, when a girl takes a few days to enjoy some food with friends and family over the holidays, she shouldn't have to pay a penalty. All foods during the holidays should be calorie and salt free.

Wednesday was our family dinner, Thursday some crackers and cheese, some dip, some leftovers, and Christmas day more munchies and more ham.

Because those were some busy days I didn't have the time, (which means I wasn't at home parked outside the bathroom) to take my Lasix, a diuretic or water pill.

Today I woke up with my eyes all swollen, feeling bloated and puffy. I took the Lasix early and swear I have lost 5 pounds in fluid. I'm spending so much time in the bathroom I've left my book there to occupy my time with this marathon of peeing.

I have to get back on a regular schedule for this pill, as the fluid sneaks up on me and then I have trouble breathing, my hands are tight, and my ankles swollen.

There's an item for my New Year's list of resolutions. To rid myself of fluid retention.

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