Friday, 25 March 2016

Living With Chronic Pain Workshop

I signed up for a 6 week workshop entitled "Living a Healthy Life With Chronic Pain". It was an interesting beginning, and I have homework.

The participants were of various ages, suffering a variety of ailments. I was the only one with MS, as most had more arthritic type conditions, or diseases like fibromyalgia.

They talked about the difference between chronic and acute pain. I get that, my knee, neck and back pain are chronic, something I've suffered with for most of my adult life. The shoulder is new, so its acute.

This week we were to develop an action plan. One thing, one activity, how often and for how long we want to do it. I chose walking. 

I always have good intentions to go out and walk the circle of my court. I never seem to get it done. Yet when the dog was visiting (I dog sat for a week) we walked every day until it got really cold. Why do I need a dog to get me up off my ass and out for a walk.

Because pain is an issue, I'm starting off slow, giving myself a chance to make my goals, and not set myself up for failure. I said I would walk 15 minutes, four times a week. Hopefully I can work up from there, once I make it a habit.

I'm feeling a bit shamed into this. My 88 year old neighbor walks to the drugstore and back, and from here that's a very healthy hike. 

I wonder if shopping counts? Next time I go to Walmart, No Frills or Costco, I'm going to time myself, see if I walk, at least 15 minutes. Of course, I'd add that as an extra, not one of the four times I'm dedicated to do.

I don't think store meandering is quite the same as a well paced walk. Oh well.

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