Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Action Plan

I attended the first of six sessions, about living with chronic pain. It was very interesting, and the participants were of various ages, with a variety of ailments.

And we were assigned homework. We were to read sections of the workbook we'd been given, and we were to devise and record an action plan.

Much like my one granddaughter, I left my homework to the last minute, but was given a reprieve when the meeting this week was cancelled. I went to lunch with my brother instead.

My action plan was to walk ten minutes, four times a week. I managed it twice, three times if I count the time spent walking in No Frills, getting groceries.

Ten minutes doesn't seem like much, but given the state of my knee and my back, I would be hard pressed some days to get it done. Other days, I could manage, if I remembered, or got my head out of a book or some current craft.

I understand why you need to do this kind of thing with a routine. It becomes automatic. The only routine I have for sure in my day is first thing in the morning. I would already have taken my 1st pill of the day while in bed, as that medication needs an empty stomach and no food for at least and hour.

The next pill needs food, or I'm nauseated and feeling sick for hours. So, I make my coffee, and sit down a muffin, or granola bar. Then I have a yogurt and take my other meds,as I have some swallowing difficulties with the big pills.

While I do that, I check my E mail, go on Facebook, check my two blogs and do a turn around Pinterest. Then the rest of the day id up for grabs.

But now I have an action plan.

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