Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Pushing on, Week #2

Last week, day 2 of the workshop living better with chronic pain, was cancelled, but we are back on track today.

I put off doing the reading for the workshop, my homework. Somehow I feel I should listen to the advice I gave my granddaughter about leaving things to the last minute.

My problem is my inability to concentrate, so as much as I want to read the material, I can't seem to retain any of what I read.

I did manage the recommended chapters, though I get a bad grade for completing the action plan. But, I did make a final effort, combined my objective to walk, with a trip to the laundry. I have to say, that is the one downfall to living here, that walk across to the main building to do laundry.

When I go, I stay for the duration. I can't manage to walk over, put the load in and go back and forth to change it to the dryer and the final visit to fluff and fold.

It was late by the time I went to the laundry, and I watched the hockey game in the common room until I was done. But it had been a busy day and I was in such pain by the time I got home, I left the laundry on the basket on the walker and went to bed.

Still tired from yesterday, though I did get the laundry put away, finally.

I'll need a few days to rest after Wednesday. Tomorrow is my shoulder x-ray and ultrasound. I have to travel out of town, downfall to going where my doctor is, but am combining the day with lunch out with a friend.

I feel like I've done nothing so far for the day, and can hardly keep my eyes open. I want a nap, but need to push on, get dressed and out the door. My new friends at the workshop should be sympathetic, we're all in the same boat on this.

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