Monday, 11 April 2016

Monday, Monday

I'm so glad to see the end of this last week. Today began better, I could put the cane back by the door and was walking about unassisted. Even got the shower done with minimal difficulty, and the hot water felt so good.

Today is garbage day. I gathered my bags of recycling and waste and carried everything out to the curb. It was raining and the sky was overcast, not a welcome spring feeling at all.

The problem with shopping and being busy is that I don't have the energy to prepare meals, and a lot of the fruit and vegetables spoil before I can get them eaten. So this garbage day, I have some cleaning out of the fridge to do. I may switch to frozen veggies, just so I'm not wasting the fresh.

I need to feel productive, in a creative way, and have a new project in mind. I have a beginning, but need to sit down for some of the finer details. This is where my set up becomes frustrating, the lack of space and the inability to leave everything out and within reach.

I do mixed media collage, and have a hoard of paper to use in my work. It would be nice if I could just sort through one storage bin for inspiration, but I have bits and pieces in too many places. The fine work I'll do with a temporary table set up by my chair, not the greatest as my back will be sore after.

What I do for my art.

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