Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Power of Positive Thinking

I was at my workshop yesterday... the one Living Better with Chronic Pain...and one of the topics was positive thinking.

I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, though I must admit it's not something I've practiced for some time. Years ago a colleague gave me a book with that title, The Power etc. and I read it and took it to heart. Another book I read at the time was called Choices. The combination was powerful.

The book Choices made me aware of the number of choices I make in a day, and how I was making some bad ones. Not all of these choices are major life issues, but can be as simple as "I chose not to eat that cream filled pastry, but chose the apple instead".

I used all of this and incorporated 'self talk' into my daily life. I became more aware of the mini choices, and chose better. I started feeling better about myself and part of that was losing weight. I gave myself the self talk as I drove to work...."Your metabolism is running high, it's going to be a good day" etc.

Unfortunately, in the following years, after my MS lost me my career, I forgot that self talk and positive thinking. Yesterday reminded me of that. I'm willing to give it another try, and hope it will end up in a weight loss again, as in those negative years I regained the weight I'd lost.

The day didn't start well, and I'm trying to turn it around. My self talk is bad start but it's all uphill from here. By afternoon I'll be feeling better and will do some painting.

The sun is shining, and I've been outside, done some deep breathing, have my windows open to the fresh air and the sounds of the birds. If I had my new chairs (on my To Do List) I'd be sitting outside enjoying my coffee. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts. I WILL get my new chairs this week, so I can enjoy the morning son on my patio.

Positive thoughts are another of those daily choices. What is that old saying...Life is what you make it?

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