Sunday, 17 April 2016

Expressions of Support

There was an ambulance parked next door yesterday, one of my neighbors also suffering from a chronic illness taken to hospital. My friend came home, saw it leave and immediately checked on me. I was having a sound sleep and didn't even hear the knock.

We just talked, and it makes me feel good to know people are checking in on me.

My daughter also called, and confirmed plans for next Sunday, the day of the MS Walk in town.

I don't think the kids realize what it means to me that they do this every year. I love the family photo taken at the end of the walk, love to see the kids and their families join together to support a good cause.

It's as if, on this one day, they give recognition, more than ever, to the issues I live with, and confirm their love and support.

Last year we all wore neon green T-shirts, this year we're adding hats. Every year something new, something to look forward to.

Thanks guys, it means the world to me.

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