Monday, 25 April 2016

Annual MS Walk for a Cure

The MS Walk was held yesterday, and my family make the trek in force. The group started last year to get into the team spirit and all wore neon green T-shirts. This year I ordered 12 matching hats, like ball caps, in black with a neon green front.

I was waiting at the library, a half way pit stop, and it made my heart proud to see this colorful group turn the corner and approach, laughing and smiling, having a good time. I've never worn a ball cap in my life, but I wore one yesterday.

I took my granddaughter, age 7, with me and we went on ahead to the school where the walk ended. She thinks we should add socks and gloves to our outfits for next year, and as it was cool enough yesterday, that's a good option.

We gathered at the school, listened to the music, ate the lunch provided and left, feeling good for our contribution in fighting this disease.

For the kids, this is an annual event, something they schedule and plan for. But, funny, they didn't talk about it, and as I don't get the E-mails about the event, it kind of snuck up on me. I assumed the kids had declined this year, maybe being too busy, or uninterested. And you know what they say about assumptions. So true, so true.

I did them a great disservice, for they were planning for it, just hadn't mentioned it until it got closer to the day. This one day equals Christmas in my mind, for the feelings of love and support I feel from the family. They may never understand what my day to day struggles are like, but I know they will be there for me, whenever and for whatever I might need.

Love you all, more than you will ever know..

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