Thursday, 21 April 2016

Tests Completed

Finally made it the 60 + K to the clinic to get the x-rays and ultrasound of my shoulder. It's a shame my doctor is so far away, but then when we began, I lived away. A good doctor is hard to find, so I guess I'll keep on trekking north when the need presents.

It is amazing the things that cause pain in the shoulder, things that seemed effortless a couple of months ago. Like pulling the covers back in the morning, wiping the kitchen counter or picking up a full saucepan. Even the movement of my thumb and index finger when typing causes pain from shoulder to elbow.

The technician was very understanding. I laughed when she asked if I could turn my hand behind my back. I could, but very carefully.

Got my trip to Michael's Craft store while I was in the city...20% off coupon, for all regular and sale items, plus 60% off one regular priced item. I couldn't pass it up, and bought more gifts than craft supplies.

Now to wait for the test results.

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