Thursday, 7 April 2016


For years I have followed the blog about MS that I found on Ask About. The information was excellent, and often presented links to timely articles, like dealing with hot weather, that I shared in my blog.

I noticed that the e-mails from this site were no longer coming, and at first I thought the writer was just taking a break. But quite a bit of time has gone by, and today I received an e-mail, but from a different writer, this time from a doctor.

Te previous blog was written by a woman with a doctorate, so obviously she was very intelligent, very well educated, but more to the point, she had MS and all her articles came from first hand experience.

She is married, with a young family, and had been writing her personal experiences with some of the new drug treatments.

I don't know what happened that she is no longer writing the blog, but can only assume her condition has changed and she could no longer manage it.

I hope it's a case of prioritizing, that some things needed to be eliminated from her life to allow her to give her attention to the things that matter most, like family.

I miss her honesty and insight into this disease, and wish her the best.

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