Friday, 22 April 2016

Comedy of Errors

I was just out of the shower, when the phone rang. The caller's number was my friend, the one I was meeting for lunch in a few hours. Uh oh, change of plans?

I answered, could hear her voice, but obviously she couldn't hear me. We played the old phone tag, but couldn't manage to get through. I figured it was my phone, as there was some little icon on the screen. I didn't know what it meant, or how it got there, or, of course, how to get it off.

She left a message, but the phone wouldn't let me listen to it, kept telling me I had the wrong pass code, which I didn't.

The phone kept ringing, and each time I could hear the caller, but my end was silent. There was a new caller now, my son, and his voice was sounding more and more frustrated.

I understood his feelings, I was obviously answering the phone, but not speaking. He would immediately have worried that something had happened to me. I had to get the phone working.

My phone is not that complicated, two extensions, one by my chair, one by the bed, wireless, so I can move around and still talk. I played with the buttons, muted, un-muted, speaker, no speaker, and went over and over the numbers in my call list. Not sure what I did, but the little icon disappeared.

First, I called my friend. She wanted to know if I could do lunch today, instead of Monday, as she'd forgotten plans she'd made and double booked. I laughed and told her we were supposed to be having lunch today, as that was the plan, so all was good. Our plans had been made yesterday, over E-mail. It was her last day of work, and as she was retiring after thirty years. I can imagine the confusion and emotionally charged atmosphere at the work place, so many thoughts and feelings going through her head.

I called my son, to relieve his mind and now all is well with my world. I'm getting lunch out with a friend, and what better way to spend what looks like a dismal rainy day.

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