Saturday, 9 April 2016

Start and Restart

When I pulled the covers back early this morning, I got a sharp pain in my right shoulder, this new pain that is the reason for the x-rays and ultrasound booked for last week but cancelled because of the freak snow storm.

I stood and had to wait a second, to see what level of back pain I would have, but managed to make it to the bathroom, and as it was not a good start, made my way back to bed to lie on the heating pad.

I tried to read, but kept dozing off, so gave up and put the book aside. Why then, when I close my eyes do I not sleep?

Up for the second time, pain all over. I apply the 'Motion Medicine" to my back, right shoulder, left knee and left lower leg. I have more pills to take, with food, so prepare my yogurt with some fresh strawberries and make a coffee to go with the breakfast bar. Times like this I love my Kuerig coffee maker, it is so easy and there's no real cleanup.

Now I've been sitting in my recliner, checking E-mail, Facebook and, of course, my blogs and the pain has eased, all but the shoulder. Everything I do is with the elbow tucked close to my body, to limit the movement, but it doesn't seem to matter.

I hate this feeling, wanting to go places and do things, but hampered by the pain. It's barely noon and I can feel a nap in my future, maybe this time when I lie down I'll be able to read, and keep my mind occupied. There's still a lot of the day ahead.

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