Sunday, 28 August 2016

Off Balance

I figure it's this continued hot weather, but my balance is really off. I seem to be doing this solo dance routine, you know, one step forward, to the side and back. Lucky for me, I'm not moving very fast so I can recover.

It's the backward sway that gets me. For example, I stand up from leaning over the sink and sway back, my sense of vertical off kilter.

I've slammed back into the bookcase, or the door a few times, but no fall.

This backward sway also happens when I close my eyes. I can't maintain the vertical if I can't see the horizon, so to speak, to know where I am.

In the shower, when I have to close my eyes, I keep my elbow touching the wall, so I can keep my balance.

Just as I keep a light on, in case I have to get up in the night. I'm tired and don't need the extra challenge to stand, and stay standing.

The least little activity, and I'm overheated, which means brain fog, muscle weakness and more fatigue.

Needless to say, I anxiously await the end of summer.

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