Sunday, 14 August 2016

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

We finally got some rain, and it was a downpour, but too late to save the grass I'm thinking.

It has been hot and humid for almost two months, since the end of June, I think. The time has passed, in a blur, in a fog, with me in a brain fog. I've managed a few episodes of activity, but most of my days and nights have passed by with me in a daze, in a continual sweat.

All the things I've wanted to do this summer have been set aside, because of this heat. And, with my MS, I'm more susceptible in hot weather and face the worsening of my symptoms as a result.

I had to start using the cane in the house, as my balance was off and I had a close number of near falls. My neighbor has been watering my garden, but the pots look terrible, the leaves gone yellow like the grass, from too much heat and sun, I suppose. I haven't been able to do the deadheading of late, too dizzy bending over the pots, too hot to stay out that long.

With no air conditioning, if I use the stove, my place heats up. I swear, by the thermometer on the wall, it has not been below 84 degrees F. in weeks. So my diet has been terrible. And forget getting anything done, like dishes, or laundry.

The dehumidifier runs all day. I turn it off at night because with two fans going, I can't stand any more noise. When I turn it on in the morning, it reads over 60%, and takes hours to lower, and yet I've not emptied the bin, so what is that all about. Evaporation because of the heat?

Better go and get the dishes done, they've been soaking for the last hour, and they soaked most of yesterday already. It feels more comfortable after the rain, I better take advantage while I can.

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