Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A Case of Disorientation

After a busy day at home on Sunday, shredding a year's worth of files, crocheting and cleaning up for garbage day Monday, I was tired, but still willing to go shopping Monday.

My friend and I drove the 50 KM into the city, had lunch (sitting on hard wooden benches) and shopped at Costco. Needless to say, I paid the price. By the time I was in the checkout line I needed the cart to lean on as my back was sore.

Gluttons for punishment, we hit two more shops on our drive home. I was hot, tired and in pain, figured a nap was in my immediate future.

Silly me, I fought through it, though at times it was a struggle. I ended up in bed to watch the Blue Jays game, and do remember that they won the game, but nothing much after that.

When I woke up, stiff and a little dazed, I looked at the clock. Eleven thirty. Eleven thirty! My immediate thought was morning, and I couldn't believe I had slept for the night and most of the morning. I felt like I was pulling myself out of a dungeon, I had slept so deep and sound.

Then I realized it was night, and I had slept, like the dead, for less than two hours. All this confusion and I couldn't go back to sleep, as tired as I was. So I played a few games of solitaire on the computer, read some of my bedside book and watched some television.

I finally settled to sleep, somewhere close to five A.M. and am now up, still feeling dazed.

Today, when the fatigue hits, I'm going to be smart and take a short nap and hope for a better night's sleep.

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