Friday, 2 September 2016

A Short Term Cool Down

I can't keep up with the changes in the weather. After months of it being so hot, we've had a few days where it been more comfortable days and cooler nights. The breeze coming in my window was so cool, my feet were frozen and I had to get socks.

Apparently next week it will be hot again, but it won't last for long, fall is inevitable, you know, because of the earth turning on its axis and all.

My place is not very big, so it seems to hold the heat. I've made do with fans, as I hate air conditioning, but fans don't help when you need to use the stove. My oven hasn't been on since June, and I've made do with the stove top or the microwave.

My neighbor has air conditioning, and I've been treated to muffins when she's baked. There is a plus, I guess, but I like my windows open, to see the breeze flutter the drapes, hear the noises of summer.

I hope to make a few day trips, when the leaves change color. I missed most of it last year, so have some routes planned already.

My friend was quite happy to go with me, said we could take our cameras and pack a lunch. I just looked at her and shook my head. We'll take the cameras, I told her, but we'll go out for lunch. We're old, I reminded her, with old bladders, so we'll need a bathroom. She laughed and agreed.

We'll see what we can manage.

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