Wednesday, 14 September 2016

It Never Fails

I had a productive day yesterday, for me at least. I love those days when I feel I've accomplished something, instead of just lying around like a slug, collecting dust.

One of those things I managed was to....dust. Doesn't sound like a lot, but for me it takes a lot of effort, and energy. I have four bookcases, filled with books and collectibles, so more work required.

I finished a project for Christmas, another check mark in the plus column.

And the biggie, I formatted my book, have it ready to go live on Kindle. As I haven't gone for my new computer glasses, it was a strain on the eyes, and a mental exercise I haven't felt up to with all this hot weather.

I called my friend, and she dropped by and I was able to pay her the money I owed and give her the little thank you gift I picked up. Next time we go to Costco I'll take more cash.

So it was a good day, and because of that, today isn't.

I slept soundly and would still be in my bed if I didn't have my housekeeper coming this morning. I know, I know, why did I dust if I had help coming? I only have her for an hour, so we agreed that she would do the bathroom and the floors.

I've told myself for the last two times she was here, I'd get the dusting done. Finally made it. Like I said, it was a productive day.

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