Thursday, 8 September 2016

Struggling With Pain

Why is it that when your back hurts, everything is suddenly a struggle?

The toilet paper bin is empty, the new rolls in the bottom of the cupboard, the crock pot is in the back behind all the other pots and pans, and putting clean dishes away, in the bottom cupboard, of course, a plastic lid falls down and I have to reach to remove it so I can put the bowls away.


It seems that sitting for an hour or so, on the walker seat, is not good for my back, but better than standing.

I was doing this sitting in a horse barn, watching my granddaughter's riding lesson. So, over all, it was worth a bit of back pain.

This is the way it goes for me. Sitting for any length of time, on a hard seat, maybe without back support, and I pay for it the next day.

And, oh joy, hockey season is starting and my grandson plays, and have you seen those seats in the arena? I may have to consider that OBUS form again, and carry it with me. Another step of acceptance, like the cane, like the walker.

The only other choice is to stay home, and not be part of family events. I'll take the pain.

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