Saturday, 11 February 2017

Sleeping Patterns

I rarely sleep more than a few hours at a time, and frequently suffer from insomnia. It was suggested at one time that I might have sleep apnea, and I had to laugh.

I have a friend who went through the sleep study and does indeed have sleep apnea. They told her the number of times she moved during the night, and the number of times she quit breathing, and I was astounded. She now wears a machine at night to regulate her breathing, and sleeps much better.

When I go to sleep, I settle in on one side, and when I wake a few hours later, I'm in the exact same position. I turn over and go back to sleep, and again, don't move at all until I wake again.

Is it any wonder I wake up with aches and pains?

Today, it's my left elbow that just aches and throbs. I assume it's because of the position it was in for the last few hours, as I haven't done any lifting or such to irritate the joint.

This is just the way it goes, one morning it might be the elbow, another my back, or a hip or shoulder. I never know, but the one thing that's a guarantee, is I will wake with pain, of a varying degree of severity.

It's no wonder I am not a morning person.It takes a few hours to get me moving to where I can consider going out, or getting anything accomplished.

Add on the worsening MS fatigue and it's frustrating. My mind has all these ideas, but the body is too tired to consider it or to make the effort.

Little by little, I'll get things done...'cause my mind never quits.

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