Tuesday, 7 February 2017

MS- The Subject of a Speech

How many people really like public speaking? I hear my grandchildren's dread and fear when speech time comes around at school.

This year, my 11 year old grandson did his speech on Multiple Sclerosis. I was touched that he felt an interest in my disease, enough to share with his classmates. He did his research, for the usual, cause, symptoms and treatments.

But then he talked about how the family joins together for the annual spring MS Walk. He talked about how the kids ride their bikes and I pick them up at the half way point.

This young man has learned how to help me, in all the simple ways, an arm when I go up or down a step, holding a door open. I am very proud of him, that at his age he can be this sensitive to the needs of another.

There is an element of fun to the walk that he mentioned in his speech. The first year we did this as a family, we won best team name "Debby Does MS". (Not that his classmates would get the reference, I hope). The second year we all wore neon green T-shirts. Then we added hats and name tags.

I love that after the very informative beginning to his speech, he lightened the mood talking about the fun of doing the walk. And he ended it in the best possible way, that we might meet at the walk.

Thank you, Kiddo, it means the world to me that you made MS the topic of your speech.

Love you to the moon and back.

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