Sunday, 17 August 2014

#26 And Life Goes On

I entered into a phase of what I called my half life. For every day of activity I planned, I would need a day of rest, before, and could anticipate a crash day after.

I was very cavalier about it all, joking about the half life stuff, because for half of my time, I did have a life, of sorts. On my ‘crash’ days I still could do things, I just stayed home so I could nap and rest in between periods of activity.

If I did too much I paid the consequences. Fatigue seemed to be the worst of it, and if I let myself get too tired, my other symptoms worsened until I got the rest I needed. There were times I could anticipate a ‘crash’ as I liked to call it. Christmas was a big one. The weeks leading up to the holiday, the shopping, wrapping presents, the Christmas activities, all took time and energy, and depleted my limited resources.

It was a simple life. I could plan some events, and automatically planned the days of rest after. I enjoyed times with the family, and the grandchildren which at this time numbers six. I had re-connected with two friends I had known from the early years and had new friends in my apartment building.

The summer of 2010 was hot and my activities were limited. But I had friends in the building, and I had my writing, so it was a quiet time I just had to wait out until the cooler weather came. I had always loved autumn and was looking forward to the change of season, but it was another kind of change that altered my life.

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