Thursday, 21 August 2014

#30 Another Hot Summer

I had a bit of a relapse in 2010 when I had a positive L’Hermitte’s sign. My doctor made arrangements for me to be seen at the Kingston MS Clinic. I am afraid to drive into the city and after all the time that’s passed since my last appointment in Toronto, it seemed a logical decision. I didn’t see the neurologist until spring in 2011, and had a new set of MRI’s done, this time including the neck and spine. Even though there were significant changes, it was back to no treatment, see us again next year, and call if you need anything.

I went back in 2012 and nothing much changed. I don’t qualify for any of these new drugs, and I’m just as glad not to be into daily injections and more frequent trips out of town. Fatigue was still an issue, and I was walking with the cane. The other symptoms came and went.

That summer was terribly hot, right into the fall. I didn’t go anywhere and was almost house bound. Any energy exerted required a day of rest, or more. I was glad to see winter come, something new for me. I figured I’d bounce back after the change of season, but I never really did. It was a good thing I have so many hobbies that I could keep myself amused, and I had my family, and my friends.

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