Thursday, 28 August 2014

#37 The MS Walk

April 27th was the annual MS Walk, their slogan is Every Step Counts. This fundraising event involves more than 40,000 walkers in more than 160 communities across Canada. In my community there were 156 registered walkers, and 23 teams, and at the last tally they made more than $47,000 for MS research.

I am very proud that one of those teams is made up of the members of my family.

I have volunteered at a Walk and am always impressed with the time and effort taken to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience. Each walker gets a goody bag and food and drinks are provided for everyone at the end of the walk.  The mood is high; everyone enjoys the camaraderie and shared hope for a cure.

Though I have mentioned that I have Multiple Sclerosis I have tried not to belabour the point in my other blog, though I know it has come up now and again. This last year has been a tough one as I’ve had a relapse that I have not recovered from. I’ve had to make adjustments, a major one was to ask for and accept help.

Unable to do the walk, I was on pooped patrol today; my duty was to pick up the stragglers who were not going to make it the entire 5 K distance. At the half way point I picked up three 5 year olds and one other granddaughter, age 9. We went for a drink and met the rest of the group at the high school, the end point for the walk. The entertainment was provided by a young singing duo, and volunteers manned the buffet table where lunch was available, pizza, hot dogs, snacks and drinks, plenty for everyone.

We had our picture taken as we won first prize for team name. Debbie does MS. What can I say; my kids have a strange sense of humour. Of course the joke with the name was lost on the younger kids. Myself, I’ve lived with the jokes through the years, with a variety of versions of what Debbie does. Next year we’ve vowed to have team shirts, and everyone has already signed up.

I had a bit of a melt down at one point. The duo was singing a Keith Urban song, always good for an emotional response, and I looked over at my group as they chatted and enjoyed a snack after the walk. It struck me, how much it meant to me that they had taken the time out of their busy lives to do this walk. This year, a year when I have needed the support of the kids, they have never let me down. It was as if they were doing the walk and stating, in clear terms, that they were there for me.

I know I’ve made it difficult for them at times. I tend to hide bad news, trying not to add any further stress to their lives, but as I’ve been told, it’s easier to cope and accept when they have time to deal, than to be hit with something serious after the fact.

It was a great day.

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