Wednesday, 20 August 2014

#29 The MRI Reports

The good news, the thoracic spine showed no sign of cord pathology. The cervical spine showed numerous plaques or lesions at many levels throughout the spine. It also showed some skeletal issues, osteophye this and stenosis that.

The brain, well that was a different story. And I quote…’there are extensive white matter plaques’, 20-30 plaques of varying sizes, many new since the 2006 exam. There were plaques in the brain, the periventricular tissues, the corpus callosum, the brainstem, and the cervical cord. The way they report it is to call it an exacerbation.

Even though there were significant changes, it was back to no treatment, see us again next year, and call if you need anything.

I went back in the spring of 2012 and nothing much changed. I don’t qualify for any of these new drugs, and I’m just as glad not to be into daily injections and more frequent trips out of town. The neurologist joked about the criteria for the new drug being two relapses within 24 months. My relapse had been September 2010, so I didn’t qualify.

I felt like the doctor put a curse on me, just joking, because as soon as the 2 years were up I started to have increased symptoms.

Fatigue was still an issue, and I was walking, always, with the cane. The other symptoms came and went.

That summer was terribly hot, right into the fall. I didn’t go anywhere and was almost house bound. Any energy exerted required a day of rest, or more. I was looking forward to winter, something new for me. I figured I’d bounce back after the change of season. It was a good thing I have so many hobbies that I could keep myself amused.

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