Thursday, 30 October 2014

Antibiotic Adverse Effects

When I had this last prescription for antibiotics filled, for the ear infection, the pharmacist warned me that it was a strong dose and could cause some problems with my gut. I looked at him in question. “Diarrhea,” he said.

As I have a common MS problem...constipation...I thought that might be a welcome change from the bloated feeling I experience most of the time.

So today, with only three capsules out of a total of forty left to take, four if you count the one I lost when I spilled the bottle, the diarrhea hit with a vengeance. The bathroom and I have forged a whole new relationship today. I had my book and a couple of magazines on the counter, ready for the next visit. And there were a lot of visits.

I have a new understanding and empathy for people with IBS...irritable bowel syndrome.

Of course the bathroom and I have been constant companions this week already; taking a water pill twice a day will do that for you. I’m glad to see the swelling is down in my feet and legs, so it must be working.

One good thing, the gut stuff has settled and seems to be almost over, helped by the fact I quit the medication as ordered by the pharmacist. My recent trip to the hospital showed my ear infection was resolved so I don’t think it will be a problem.

Good thing it was today, when the bathroom is only steps away and I’m comfortably at home. The bazaar I signed up to participate in is on Saturday, and who knows what the bathroom situation might be. Sometimes things just work out, and after the week I’ve had, I’ll take any good luck I can get.

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