Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Being Social

It’s evident that my life is very quiet, and that I am a homebody. Not always by choice, but because of fatigue, pain, and maybe just feeling ‘off’.

Winter is hard, with the roads covered with snow and ice, I’m afraid of falling, of becoming that old commercial that made everybody laugh...”I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

Since the snow is almost gone, and the temperatures are higher, I’ve found a bit of renewed energy, for a day or two at a time at least.

Last week I finished my taxes and some other government papers, got them photocopied for my records and in the mail. While I was out I had my blood work done, and decided to get gas in the car.

I had been watching the gas gauge and watched it get below half, time to fill up. With the job done I decided to clean out all the gas receipts that I had tucked under the visor. I don’t know why I keep them, it’s not like I pay any attention to how much gas I use, why bother when I am out so infrequently.

But this time I checked, because I was curious. Here it was end of March and I had put $50 worth of gas in and filled my tank, proof there was more driving to be done on that less than half a tank. The only other gas receipt I had for 2015 was January 21st. Unbelievable.

One trip out of town for the doctor, and maybe one a week for groceries. I know there were weeks when it snowed that I never left the house for days on end, and often only then when someone else picked me up.

Good for the budget, but not good for me, as being shut in, and isolated can be depressing. Spring is here, and the sun is shining, and though it still feels cold it’s not a biting cold. I’ve been out for dinner twice this week, Easter  celebrations, and running errands on two other days.

I’m becoming such a social butterfly; don’t know if I can keep up with it all.

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