Sunday, 26 April 2015

The MS Walk

Today eleven members of my family walked for MS. I met them at the half-way point and picked up the three six and under walkers and drove them back to the starting point. It was a very positive feeling to see all those people out walking, supporting, hoping for a cure.

Last year our team won Best Team Name. “Debby Does MS” I know it’s a play on words, referencing a rather famous movie of a similar title, something about a city in Dallas? What I have always did my kids know about that movie. Something as a mother I think I’d rather not know.

The food at the end of the walk was great as usual, thanks to all the corporate sponsors.

The team decided, after last year, that they wanted T-shirts. So I bought shirts, had some difficulty getting them all in the same colour, different sizes, and ended up with neon green. It was a colour that brought notice; I could see my group coming from a distance.

I was surprised to see we won the Best Dressed Award, but I guess others noticed that bright green too. And to think, I didn’t even get the shirts printed with our team name. Now that we’re into this, we also want to put the years on the back, a reminder of our family’s commitment to this effort.

It means so much to me that my family does this as a team. It’s a show of ongoing support and understanding, and I love them all for doing it.

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