Sunday, 12 April 2015

Just Desserts

The downfall to a good night’s sleep is you feel good the next day. And feeling good, when there are so many days you don’t, makes you want to accomplish something, be active, scratch something off that damn to-do list.

I’ve had this itch to get caught up on the scrapbooks I started for my grandchildren, obviously more than seven years ago as I only made four and there are seven now. I pulled everything out of the storage cupboard, the albums, the papers, the stickers and photos, and was amazed how much space it cleared out. I want this done, finito, fait accomplish, completed and cleared out.

That morning, while still feeling good, I started putting pages together, selecting the final touches from a large plastic container of stickers, scraps and other embellishments.

I felt so good, had so much fun, I forgot lunch, until almost three in the afternoon. I took a break, feeling a little stiff from sitting so long, got my dishes done, and made myself something to eat. I went back to work, as I was on a roll with everything spread out all over the living room.

It was close to eight that evening when I quit, deciding I had done enough for the day and should make dinner. I could barely get out of the chair, hobbled my way to the kitchen, and had a bite of cheese and some cold meat and struggled to clean up a bit of my mess.

I went to bed, laid on the heating pad, and read. By that time I was in such pain I had trouble turning over in bed and it was a real challenge to get to the bathroom.

I know better than to sit that long, reaching, bending over the table. It’s too much for my back.

I’ll be paying for this feel-good day...for days to come, but I really did get a lot done, so I guess it was worth it.

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