Tuesday, 28 April 2015

One Problem Solved

The other day I bought cupcakes to celebrate my son-in-law’s birthday. I had a few bags of groceries and loaded up the walker to make the trip from the car to my place.

I quickly learned that the walker sort of vibrates as it moves over the pavement with all its bumps and ruts. This means that whatever is positioned on the seat jiggles, and is in danger of bouncing off the seat. This is what happened to the cupcakes, splat, upside down on the sidewalk.

I finally took the walker into Walmart and tried out different baskets, but none were a good fit for the seat, being too tall, too wide, or conversely, too small.

But then I found that Walmart sells a canvas type tote, with firm sides and a base, and long straps for carrying. It fits perfectly on the seat, and because it’s collapsible I wouldn’t have to worry about what to do with it if I want the seat.

In my tool drawer I found a pair of bungee cords, and was able to secure the basket by the handy side handles to the seat. After all, I might load it up with groceries or whatever, but it would still jostle on the seat as it moved.

I love when I find a solution to an ongoing problem.

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