Saturday, 4 July 2015

Bruises and More Bruises

I still have remnants of the bruise I received when I...sort of... fell off my bed. How did I manage that, you might wonder. Well, my bed is one of those high ones, with storage drawers underneath.
I went to have a nap, and tried to lay down, going knee and hand on to the bed, intending to end up comfortably on my the bed. Unfortunately, I must not have had my knee well onto the bed; it slipped off the edge of the mattress and slammed into the wood frame of the bed. Big ouch, and big purple bruise on the inside of my knee.

Today I sport a bigger and darker bruise, in almost the same spot, but on the other knee. This one happened on Tuesday when I stopped off at the store. I know I was tired; it had been a busy morning, but still.

I was getting out of the van, the way I usually do, left leg first, grab the purse and cane, step out with the right leg. Since my left knee is my bad knee, it has been known to fail me at times. I don’t know if that’s what happened or if I was just uncoordinated because of fatigue. Somehow, I struck the inside of my right knee on the hard edge of that little storage space where it sticks out at the bottom of the door.

I never use that space, and until the pain struck, forgot there even was a storage space on the door. Another big ouch, and a bigger bruise.

Tomorrow I’ll have another, on the back of my right calf. I’m going out with a friend, in her car. When a car has those runner things along the side, which I never use, I get a bruise reaching my leg over them to get in and out of the car. I need to swing both legs out first, ease myself off the seat and not put that kind of pressure on my calf.

Hopefully, the knowledge of these new bruises will make me more aware of what I’m doing.

But, I doubt it.

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