Friday, 24 July 2015

Sun Hats

I walked across to the main building, to do my laundry, and enjoyed the beautiful summer’s day. I didn’t go unprepared. I had on a long sleeved shirt and had applied the SPF 60 lotion to my face.

It was all for naught. Last night I could feel the itch on my face, the blister that formed on my nose. Looking in the mirror I could see red spots and, yes, the blister on my nose. So much for sunscreen.

My sensitivity to the sun has been an issue for a couple of years now. I seemed to get these areas on my nose, my cheek, that weren’t exactly pimples but seemed to erupt without reason. And I had a raised rash on my arms that seemed to come and go. It was finally clear that this was associated with the sun.

I take a diuretic that warns about exposure to the sun, but at the time all of this started, I took it very sporadically, not regular enough, I thought, to be the cause. I figured this had to be another one of those strange MS things, like so many others, not in the textbooks.

My daughter, who has a great sense of humor, bought me a sun hat. I knew I needed a hat if I was going to be outside, but I was thinking along the lines of a ball cap or a fisherman’s kind of hat. I was not thinking of a southern belle’s large straw bonnet.

Maybe some flowers? Or a big ass bow?

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