Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Heat Intolerance

We've been experiencing some hot and humid weather lately, so for me, it's stay indoors and do as little as possible.

The other day I took my neighbour to the store and by the time I'd carried everything in, I was in a sweat, badly overheated, had trouble with my words and was stumbling around. I put the items that needed refrigeration in the fridge, changed into a cotton T-shirt and soaked a washcloth in cold water to wrap around my neck. It took a while for my body to cool down.

Today it's been hot again, though the weather channel says it's 21 degrees Celsius, it's supposed to get warmer during the night and not cool down, and then only slightly, at dawn. It is predicted to be 25 degrees tomorrow, with a Humidex of 31. I guess I'll be staying home and indoors, with my small fan blowing, trying to convince myself it's not really that hot.

My sunscreen let me down on Sunday. After an enjoyable afternoon at my grandson's birthday party, I had a rash and blisters across my face that night.

I had things I wanted to do this week, my friend is on vacation, my daughter at the cottage, and I'm sitting home, suffering in this heat. Oh woe is me right? I don't mean to sound so full of self pity, but I do spend most of the summer, behind closed doors, drapes drawn to ward off the heat of the sun.

The funny thing is, after a few days, if I do get out, I take a deep breath of fresh air and marvel at what a beautiful day it is. I remember summer days spent swimming, playing in the park, going to the beach. It doesn't seem that long ago that I could do those things with the grandkids, but not anymore.

It can't last forever, all too soon we'll all be complaining of the cold. It's the nature of the species.

Here's a link with some interesting information on how to deal with hot weather.


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